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Voyage to the Yucatan part 1

Posted on May 5, 2012 by Yury Diana Di Pasquale in Beach Life, Touring Yucatan

Voyage to the Yucatan – Part I

My family has always been an adventurous bunch and as a child we had taken the long driving trip from the State of California to Lima, Peru (South America). So needless to say the 8 driving trips my husband and I have taken from Texas to Cancun, Mexico have been small potatoes. But I guess we are not the only adventurous souls out there since many people make the same trip everyday. Of course we are always prepared for our voyage, and each time it gets much easier and we are able to appreciate Mexico ’s beauty even more.

If you are thinking of driving down to Mexico, there are a few things you will want to make sure you have ready before you leave home and arrive at the border with Mexico .

You will need a good travel plan, calculating how far you want to drive everyday, where you would like to stay, a good Mexican road map to plan out your route, and the proper papers to come in and out of the country.

Guy was given a GPS as a gift from his family. And, online he also purchased a map of Mexico for this system. So with a good printed map of Mexico and the GPS, we were well on our way to the Yucatan.

Since you will be bringing your U.S.or other foreign vehicle into Mexico you will need certain paperwork. You will be going through Mexican Immigration and Mexican Customs.

You will need to get the following permits while at the border of Mexicowith the U.S. – A tourist visa

1for your temporary stay in the country and then a car permit (a visa for your car). Fortunately all of the permits are obtained in the same building so there is no running around.

You will need the following for your tourist visa and car permit (make sure to bring the originals and make 2 copies of each):

-Valid Passport -Valid Driver’s License -Vehicle Title -Current vehicle registration

Although not required, we highly recommend getting Mexican auto insurance since not all U.S. insurance companies cover you once you cross the border. There are insurance brokers right at the border in the same building where you get your Mexican tourist visa and car permit.

To begin our Voyage to the Yucatan we came in through Brownsville, Texas(or Matamoros, Mexico). We find it to be the easiest route to Cancunfrom the States. I have included some pictures of Guy pointing to the offices where you need to get your Mexican tourist visa at Immigration and your car permit at Banjercito.

Stay tuned for our next issue where we continue Guy and Yury’s Voyage to the Yucatan through the Mexican Emerald Coast.


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